What’s a massive logistical undertaking that is highly efficient, adventurous, and deals with massive volumes of grain on enormous ships ready to take the seas for up to 18 days? The answer may surprise you! Listen as Perry Nettles and Alex Luce, two grain professionals who help support the assurance of grain quality, share the exciting story of grain fumigation at port terminals.

 About the guests:

Perry Nettles is the south region manager at Ecolab Specialty Pest Services and also the GEAPS 2022 Corbett Award winner.

Alex Luce is a treasurer of the GEAPS Columbia River Chapter and is the business development manager in the west region at Ecolab Specialty Pest Services.

 Episode topics:

  • Three factors to consider when fumigating a vessel
  • Process of preparation for fumigation near the grain terminals
  • Fumigation requirements for different countries importing grain

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Transcript for Whole Grain Episode 8: The Export Essential: Grain Fumigation at Port Terminals

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