What’s a vital part of the grain industry that stretches globally and has been making headlines the last 2-3 years? Grain supply chains! Listen as Dr. Bobby Martens, an Associate Professor of Economics and researcher of agriculture and supply chain management, discusses the risks and points of resiliency in grain’s supply chain—and why we should all care.

About the guests:

Dr. Bobby Martens is the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives Endowed Professor of Economics and Associate Professor of Economics in the Iowa State University Department of Economics.  He has over 25 years of logistics and supply chain management experience, including 15 years as an Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management in the Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business, also at Iowa State University.

Martens earned his Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University and MS and BS degrees in Agricultural Economics from North Dakota State University. He enjoys spending time with his wife and four children and operating a small farm near Ames.

Episode topics:

  • Supply chain management: What is it? And why should we care?
  • Logistics: inventories and transportation
  • Future predictions for tech’s influence on grain industry

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Transcript for Whole Grain Episode 10: Grain Supply Chain: Risk, Resiliency, and Why You Should Care

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